Friday, October 16, 2009

Website Hosting with Yahoo, Godaddy, BlueHost

To make your own website first of you will need to have a domain name. Now, You may think what is domain name? The url that you type in the address bar like is called domain name. They are unique address to a particular website. So, First of all you need to buy that name because different name have different prices. For example, .com domain names are rated more than or .us. You can buy those domain names from many service providers or resellers. The most known one is

Even yahoo provide the same services.

Now once you have bought a domain name you need a space on the internet to access such that it is accessible by everyone. You need online server to take your site to the world. For that you need hosting space.

Now there are hundreds of server space providers all around the world. Yahoo Hosting Space is also available at a very cheap rate. Godaddy also offers good service and they are very well known for their service.Now Yahoo Web Hosting is available and you can check more details at the given link. Yahoo hosting also offers website marketting service, means taking your site to the visitors, making your website more popular. Yahoo also offers the website building tool with hosting space you buy. Its just a simple tool of pick and place type to make your website and you can take a try of that  software at Website Design Tools. This way yahoo web hosting service provide all the required tools to make your website and make it popular

Now, Another host is Godaddy. Inc. They are world wide known for their service as a host and domain name providers. Thousands of sites are hosted under their hosting space and the good news is that the numbers are increasing day by day. They provide all the softwares and latest features with their hosting. So, they are worth a try.

Another hosting service provider is Bluehost. They provide hosting at a cheaper rate as compared to Godaddy but some of the features may not be available. So, According to your requirement you can check the features there and go for that as well. They are also well known in hosting services and provide unlimited space and bandwidth, means you have no boundings of using the space. No matter, how big your website is. They also provide domain names but the problem is that they do not provide international domains like .us or or .cc suffix domains. 

There are many other hosting service providers. I have just listed the top service providers. There are other hosts like IXWebhosting, Mochahost, HostGater and many more. You can search for them in yahoo or google and check their features and order that as well.

Now the simple templates are available on the internet for trial and making your own changes into them. This way you can learn to build your own website.

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