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Inductors are a part of electrical circuit. Whichever circuit you take into consideration, there is always a reactive component in the supply circuit. This is due to inductive or capacitive load. Now, What is inductor?

Inductor is a passive component in the circuit that stores energy in the magnetic field created by the current passing through it. So, it is a storing device. The inductor's ability to store magnetic energy is called inductance and it is measured in Henry(H). Inductor is a type of coil wound with conducting material. The more the number of turns the more is its inductance.

Here I give you videos for more explanation.

An inductor is usually constructed as a coil of conducting material, typically copper wire, wrapped around a core either of air or of ferromagnetic or ferri-magnetic material. Core materials with a higher permeability than air increase the magnetic field and confine it closely to the inductor, thereby increasing the inductance.

In Series They add up, i.e.

In Parallel,

Inductors in Parallel

Inductors do not allow sudden change in current. If we try to break current suddenly, very heavy voltage builds up due to high rate of change of current and thus voltage shock may occur to operating personnel.
So, safety precautions must be followed.
The voltage that builds up due to break in current is given by,

Inductors are used as chokes to dissipate AC component of supply in rectified DC supply. They are used as voltage regulating component in power circuit as well in developed countries where voltage goes higher than the mentioned limits.

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